Hot for the Harpers

A lost friend...

Taken by some very bad people...

Shamshir's log:

While lounging around the plaza in front of the orphanage, one of the Black Molars came running up, telling us that Ruri is gone and one of the Molars are being beaten after being caught in a sting operation. The fools tried to steal a pretty cup from a merchant Amir, with Ruri being the lookout (silly, as he is blind). 

We confront the merchant, stopping him beating the boy and selling him into slavery. I 'liberate' a magnificent wooden spoon as compensation for buying back one of our own. I sell the spoon to another merchant – under value but I just want our money back. 

We capture one of Amir's guards – Achoo – and we interrogate him regarding the whereabouts of  Ruri. He tells us that Habib the slaver has taken Ruri, and Habib frequent the Perfumed Petal. 

Kombe hears that Shandrosha is attacking caravans outside of the city, taking slaves especially of the non-human kind.

At the Perfumed Petal we encounter Shira (a friend of Cassandra, who used to work at the 'Petal). She tells us that Habib and the Madam had a fight earlier the evening, and he left storming off. We decide we need to interrogate the Madam. Nuri create smoke bombs which I set off as diversions, knock the Madam out, escape with her and Shira. 

We take the Madam back to our 'spot' where the others interrogate her – finding that Habib keeps his exotic slaves at a compound in the slave quarters. The Madam dies from exertion and we feed her body to the pigs to hide the evidence. 

The next day we set out to find the slave compound (while Cassandra goes off to speak to Weasel – leader of the Black Molars – to calm him down and stop him from killing more boys)…we see Ruri being chained up, and Zill up in the rafters, waiting on us.


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